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They made us hate ourselves and love their wealth, that’s why shorty’s holler "where the ballers at?"

December 6, 2006

Not only do I want these yoga pants, I want this body. Maybe I’ll start doing yoga!

And what a cute little flanel jumper!

One day, when I’m a savvy career woman with lots of money to spend on clothes (like Carrie Bradshaw) I’ll wear trendy, stylish things like this. and this:

and this (god DAMN I love those boots):

If you can’t tell, I’m really into jumpers right now. I think I may buy one. Soooo cute! I need new boots first. Big time.

If I were a very rich girl I would dress in nothing but Alice&Olivia:

And buy a 500$ Marc Jacobs coat:

😦 I love it.

Way materialistic blog. Now I’m back to writing an essay. This is my thesis:

“How did traditional African-centered definitions of manhood and womanhood, support for liberation struggles and political prisoners, Afrocentric community building, and good entertainment turn into a music scene rife with lyrics promoting guns, dope, misogony, and violence? In this essay I will explore the reasons why this transformation occured and how it is affecting the women, men and youth of today’s society.”

13 pages later…. and I’m still going strong. Effff schooooool.