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I’m Baaa-aaaaack!

September 27, 2005

*edit* Look at what I made in class today 🙂 hehe. I’m quite proud of myself. I’m totally loving flash so far – I can’t wait to learn more! MOUSEY LOVE. */edit*

Well Hello children. Skootch closer. Come on now. Skootch. Don’t move away from me. What did I tell you about the Skootching? Very good.

I’m pleased to announce that is back for good. Now before you rejoice, I suppose I should tell you why it was down for the last week or so.

Unfortunately, the server that I was on crashed – erasing all of the data contained on it. Not only was my entire site deleted, so was my host’s (and trust me – his is going to take a LOT longer to rebuild). It sucks, yeah – but I look at it as a rebuilding period – a re-birth if you will. So begins the renaissance of

I did have SOME of my files backed up – and all of the images are on my computer thank goodness. If I had lost my photo archives then I would be devastated – there goes all my money making potential! but thankfully all of that is intact. It will take me a while to rebuild the gallery though. Please be patient.

This layout, as you may have guessed, is temporary. I’ll be working on something really good shortly – maybe even installing wordpress – but I’m not sure about that yet. I can be so much more creative with html.

I’m a little bit tired of the computer right now and Troy just made some bacon that I have to go eat because ya know, it’s BACON. mmmmm….


I’m pregnant.

September 20, 2005

Just Kidding. Got your attention though, didn’t I? wahahahaha.

I just got back from my computer multimedia creation class and thought that I’d share my very first flash animation with you all! It’s very short – and very shitty. We were instructed to make a ‘birthday card’ with a balloon that moves. I hope that my skills will improve GREATLY over the next semester and beyond. I love flash. I want to be able to make something like these guys eventually. Maybe if I practice for years, lol.

Anyhoo – here it is: MOVIE!
You’ll need shockwave to view that.

Go check out Modi‘s site – she’s got to be the funniest girl on the internet – her comics never fail to make me piss my pants in hilarity. It’s true. Anyone wanna buy my pee soiled pants? I’m sure someone does. ew. Anyways – here’s one of her latest:

AhAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH get it? because he’s a vampire?!?! he likes BLOOD? HAHAHAA>. I love how he’s eating it with a spoon hahahaha.

Tickery got a new tag for her collar and she looks like a pimp. I’d take a picture but I’m too lazy.

I rule.


September 19, 2005

I don’t feel very good. Is it just a coincidence that I have class in an hour and no way to get there but to WALK? I think not. I miss my car. I’m so damn lazy. I’d ride my bike, but then how would I carry my books? I left my backpack in Chatham. Didn’t think I would need it. Boy was I wrong.

I’m severely depressed.

Comment on this: Do you believe in God? (my response: Of course not, silly! I’m far too intelligent to believe in magic and ghosts.)

Suck it.


September 15, 2005

What’s wrong with me? I actually LIKE Hilary Duff’s music. I always thought that she was such a fake, talentless hack… but that “wake up” song is just so damn catchy that I downloaded a whole shit-load of her stuff – and I LOVE it! Her voice is super cute too. I like the same stuff as Troy’s 13 year old sister! (although she DOES have wicked musical taste for her age). I guess it’s okay for me to indulge in some girlie-pop every once in a while. It certainly isn’t the majority of what I listen to… see my myspace for the oh-so-incomplete list of bands that I listen to. Right now I’m fiending over Coheed and Cambria, Brand New, Death Cab for Cutie, Dashboard Confessional, and Billy Talent (as always). Oh – and the Rent and Moulin Rouge soundtracks. Both kick ass.

Speaking of music – has anyone heard Paris Hilton’s single ‘screwed’? It sucks – so bad. It’s about as musically sophisticated as a spice girls track – if not less. You’d think with all that money she’d be able to afford a better producer. I’m so over Paris Hilton. She’s gorgeous, yeah – and she’s got killer style – but she doesn’t really have anything else going on for her. To bad she can’t act or sing.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago when I met a guy from Ohio that Americans (in some states) have really really ugly drivers licences. And I’m not talking about the photo – I’m talking about the licence itself! It’s vertical, first of all – and just ghetto looking. So check out the Ontario version:

Don’t mind my ugly picture on it. My health card pic is even worse – but again, the card itself is gorgeous!

I got a couple of comments from a blog I made last week about people thinking that I’m an American hater. Let me just make this clear: I do NOT hate Americans in general – at all. Christ – Canada practically IS America. I go to the states all the time – and I absolutely love the time I spend there. Great shopping, Great amusement parks, Great people (for the most part). In that blog, I was talking about how I didn’t like the greasy Detroit citizens that come over here and act like gods because they think that Canada is some second world country or something. I’m not going to base my opinion of 300 million people (or whatever it’s up to) on a select few idiots. I’m sorry for making that generalization. I’ve got lots of American friends and I am proud to live in a nation that neighbours the most powerful country in the world.

Anyhoo… I’m doing really well right now, I think. I haven’t skipped any classes yet, I’m doing my readings, and I’m keeping the house clean! We’ll see how long this lasts, lol. As long as I don’t get depressed like last year, I’ll be okay. I had a minor setback last weekend, but I’m totally over that now. I thought about upping the dosage on my medication… and I did for a few days – and then I remembered why I cut it in half in the first place – it made me a god damn zombie! I’d love to be completely clean of all chemicals one day, bright eyed and bushy tailed, but it’s a lot harder than it sounds. I never would have thought that a doctor would prescribe something to me, at 15 years of age, without telling me that it’s pretty much impossible to stop taking it. I just wish I had known at the time. Now, even going down a few milligrams at a time gives me mad withdrawal. I’m talking about anti- depressants btw – don’t even pretend that you don’t take them (or know someone who does). It’s the most over-prescribed kind of drug in North America (aside from ritalin, which – thank god – I’ve never had to take). I’ve been taking these pills for a long time – It’s why I sleep so much I think. Troy calls it ‘pop and fizz’ – one day he asked me why I never enjoy anything. I said “I can kind of remember a time when I used to…” but that time is getting farther and farther away… Maybe I’ll take 6 months off of school to withdraw from these drugs and go on a crazy coke binge. Yeah… that would help things 🙂 hehe. jk.

I miss romance.


September 13, 2005

I love love love It makes me feel better about the things I’ve done in my life that cause me so much grief. Everyone has secrets and everyone makes mistakes. Here are a few of my favourites right now – postsecret doesn’t keep archives 😦 so a lot of my older favourites are gone. I wish that they were still there because as silly as it seems, these things mean a lot to me.
PLEASE NOTE – that some of these don’t apply to me whatsoever – I just find them funny/cute/moving. Some of them, on the other hand, express how I feel exactly. I won’t specify which is which.

go visit postsecret. You won’t regret it.

I just got home from working out. It sucks to look…

September 12, 2005

I just got home from working out. It sucks to look in the mirror and hate what you see. I’m buying some sessions with a personal trainer and I’m going to actually do something about it, instead of sitting around and complaining. Wish me luck.

Now, for some Billy Talent lyrics – since listening to that band always makes me feel better when I’m depressed.

What you see is what you get (don’t you know)
Fishing for the answer with a line and sinker
Look at me and don’t forget
Hard to get a grip with all these broken fingers

Today I don’t feel pretty
And i’m tired of trying to fit right in
Don’t think that you’re so great
Cause being great must suck

We don’t always see the bright side
We all need ego suicide
You hung my id today
But I have licked my wounds and carried on

Everybody needs some sympathy
Santa seemed to miss my chimney
Reality is truly scaring me
So stand up straight and firmly say

What you see is what you get (don’t you know)
Fishing for the answer with a line and sinker
Look at me and don’t forget (don’t you know)
Hard to get a grip with all these broken fingers

My heart is in the right place
So wipe that smirk right off your face
Don’t make me feel like that
Cause that’s just plain not nice

We don’t always see the bright side
And I lied when I said I was fine
You slapped my face today
But I have licked my wounds and carried on

Everybody needs some sympathy
Santa seemed to miss my chimney
Reality is truly scaring me
So stand up straight and firmly say

What you see is what you get (don’t you know)
Fishing for the answer with a line and sinker
Look at me and don’t forget (don’t you know)
Hard to get a grip with all these broken fingers…

Line and Sinker, Billy Talent

That’s it for now. Life sucks, but I like it anyways.

downtown Windsor = the most horrid place on earth.

September 10, 2005

When I was 17 it was fun to dress up like slut-whore barbie and go to bars with my fake I.D. and get cat calls from all the horny guys. Ohhh didn’t I feel special – they thought I was so pretty! or so they said. or so the alcohol runnning through their veins said. Little did I realize at the time that guys yelling sexual obscenities at me wasn’t flattering at all. It’s annoying and downright rude.

Now, I’m 19 years old and I don’t want to step foot into a downtown bar ever again. I’ve grown up too fast, and it makes me sad. While many kids my age have just started to discover the bar scene, I’m sick to death of it. It’s basically pointless to go downtown in this city if you’re not looking to pick up (which obviously I’m not). Even IF I were single, all the guys downtown are disgusting Americans who’ve come across the border – or better yet, pretty boy ginos! Even with my boyfriend, I get eyeball fucked left and right – yelled at – even grabbed at. And it’s not just me. It’s all of the girls. Pretty and Ugly alike. Whichever category I fall into… I can’t accurately judge that anymore.

This is why I can rarely make friends my own age. I’ve been hanging out with people older than me for too long. I’ve warped. I can’t stand a lot of kids my age (at my school, that is – things are different in Chatham) because they are just so damn ANNOYING! “OMG GUYSSS!! LYKE, I’M SOOOO DRUNK! I LOOOOOVE SMIRNOFF ICE OMG IT’S SOOO HARDCORE WOOOHOOOOO LET’S FLASH THE BOIIIISSSS!”. I’m immature, yet experienced at the same time. I need to develop emotionally. If I could take it back and have a few more years of innocence then I would… it seemed like a good idea at the time to start behaving like a ‘big kid’. Now I want to be 17 again. And watch movies with my friends – and go to our stupid highschool parties. *sigh*. Live and learn, right?

I had fun last night though – went to a keg party… got really drunk – nothing out of the ordinary happened. Just a drunk, fun night with my friends followed by a super duper fucking by my super duper boyfriend 🙂 Everything is perfect. Perfect. If ever something happens to ruin my perfection, it shall be erased from my brain and never spoken of again. ever. Perfect.

Sorry for bitching so much. But… yeah – it’s my website, and I’ll do what I want to do. I’m in a horrible mood, but it should pass soon… I’m coming down off of my drunken buzz. I need to vent sometimes and where better than the internet? No one takes me seriously in real life. No one ever takes a pretty ditz seriously. No matter how smart she claims to be. My ass, tits and face mean much more than my thoughts, feelings and opinions. Maybe I just hang around too many guys.

I wish that I could kiss Leo. I’m such a sucker for hot boys ;)… especially Leo. Leo 10 years ago, that is.

New Layout, Bitches!

September 9, 2005

That’s right… I finally put it up. It’s really plain and simple, but I like it that way. It’s clean. The little raster chick is Giselle Bundchen – I used streamline and photoshop for the entire thing. Speaking of photoshop, I saw adobe photoshop cs2 on sale today at the university bookstore for $380! Thank god for the internet. I’d never be able to afford that, lol.

Sooo… here I am back at school. I missed my first class because I had the wrong room number written down. I’m such a fricking blonde.

Thanks for the text messages guys! I would text you back, but I realized that it doesn’t cost money to recieve them – only to send them. So a big thankyou for all of those messages peoples. And um… to the person who just sent me the URL of your website – dude – chill. I already visited it AND left a comment. you don’t need to keep plugging yourself to me. I am aware of your website.

Tickery is sitting on my lap right now.

it’s her new favourite spot! every time i’m on the computer, she jumps right up. I even come home to find her sleeping on the computer chair sometimes. haha – and look what she did to my shoe box:

Hahaha – she doesn’t even have claws! she chewed it all up. I guess that’s normal though, for declawed cats. I should never have agreed to the declawing… it’s such an awful awful thing – my brother found all these websites… *shudder* – it’s horrid. If only I had known sooner. But the chewing isn’t so bad – so far it’s just cardboard boxes – which I don’t mind at all. I’d rather that than shoes!

So… tell me what you think of the layout I guess. I’ve still got to change the colour codes in the rest of the sections – and of course, FINISH some of the sections – but that can wait. I’ve got cleaning to do right now!

Big Kegger tonight, if anyone’s interested… and by anyone I’m thinking of about 4 or 5 girls that live in Windsor whom I consider friends. You know who you are – or maybe you don’t? Well you should. If you went to CK at the same time that I did, then I’m talking about you! Not random 50 year old men from France, thanks.



September 6, 2005

I DEMAND N00Dz! Send them to me, NOW. But only if you’re hot 🙂 hahaha.

BIG announcement. I am now offically doing private cam chats again over yahoo and msn messenger! for info, email me – Email me your request (ie; what kind of chat/show you’d like, how long, etc.) and I’ll send you back an estimate. Please keep in mind that all shows are NON NUDE.

I also plan on getting my live public cam going again… holding chats once every week or so – those were pretty fun while they lasted, hehe. Maybe I’ll do it during my radio show! that would be cool – laurencam-radio-live!

Anyways… I got a new cellphone – and I want text messages. Last time it was super fun – but no creepy ones this time, k boys and girls? click here and enter my wireless number: 1-519-990-7749 – and then enter your return number (if you have one) and message. It WILL get to me, and if you have a return number, I’ll even text you back!
This is probably really stupid right? bah. It’s just a cell phone, and I don’t even have an address attached to the account. I think I’ll be okay.
So text me now girlies! (and non perverted boys!)

I’m all moved in to my new home now… I start school in a couple of days. Things are going okay – I just have a LOT of work to do – unpacking and stuff, ya know? Tickery is doing so well in her new home, too. I don’t know what I’d do without her. She makes me feel so much less homesick. 🙂 I love my cat.

Heyyyy everyone! I’m FINALLY set up here, at my pl…

September 1, 2005

Heyyyy everyone! I’m FINALLY set up here, at my place in W____! I’m a happy camper. I’ve still got to organize a bunch of stuff and bring Tickery here, but I’m almost done! I’m kind of baked right now and I don’t really feel like blogging. I’ll write more later on. I’ve been a busy girl today! I’m tired.

Enter my contest—— (taken directly from my last blog): CONTEST!!!!: Make me some fan-art! It can be a vector, a cartoon, a poem, a song, a photoshopped image of me (or you), a fansign – ANYTHING GOES! Be creative! First place wins a free 30 day membership to (the hottest portal in the universe – esp. now that they have archived streaming shows!), a personalized desktop wallpaper from me, and a fansign! Second place wins a wallpaper and a fansign, and third place wins a fansign. All entries will be posted (unless you don’t want me to). Got it? good. Send your entries to – contest ends September the 10th – so hurrrrry up and enter soon!

I made this last night. I was bored. I really should work on a new layout…

listening to: Dirty Mary – Lady Bouncer
feeling: drowsy