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social code

July 30, 2005

Thanks for all the compliments on my cat 🙂 she’s sitting on my lap right now purring, and neither of us could be happier. It’s the best because she’s MINE. My own kitty! I get to take her with me to school in september and everything – are you proud? hahaha. this is a big thing for me. I’m now responsible for 2 lives!

Welll it’s been a long week – but I’m finally done and now it’s the long weekend! For those of you who live in Canada, you know that Monday is a civic holiday = meaning that I don’t have to work. This pleases me 😉

I have a new layout in the works… I’m so sick of this one. I feel like this site is just boring to me now – I need to spruce it up and I can think of a million ways how – I just need to remember them and use my time wisely. For instance, I’m totally adding a dead baby joke archive, a listing of links to my favourite flash cartoons ever (ebaums world/newgrounds stuff), a video section that actually has videos in it, book reviews, and maybe even a store. and contests. and a damn good layout. I don’t think that I’ve yet created something I’ve truly been content with, but I’m a perfectionist… you know how it is.

Anyways – I went to see social code play in Windsor at the chubby pickle the other night. They put on a really good show, even though I was a little bit too drunk to appreciate it 🙂 hehe. There was this other band… they were pretty good – hot too – but I’m not going to plug them because I found them to be a bit stuck up… their website kicks ass though. I’m still not going to plug it, ha.

I didn’t bring my camera, but this website did, so here are some pictures from the show! click on the image below to see the whole page – there are three images of me and my friends – can you guess which ones they are?

and there is one additional image here. I’ve got a lolipop or something in my mouth, it looks like! haha.

Tickery keeps meowing for attention, so I’d better go! but keep on trucking, my friends! I’ll try to get a new layout up asap.


July 26, 2005

Wow – long time no blog! (for me, anyways).

I really really need to return some comments, eh? I want to – I want to visit you all, and I do – as soon as I see a comment I always visit the link, just to check it out. Please believe, my loyal visitors, that just because I don’t have the time to leave a comment doesn’t mean that I don’t look through your site/read your blog. I usually check out pictures, lol – I love pictures. I just suck at comments… I never really have anything to say unless someone is blogging about something personal to me. I hate leaving comments like “nice layout!” or “great site!” because they seem so impersonal… but 9 times out of ten, that’s exactly what I’m thinking. I’m more attracted to beautiful designs than words… although I do like words too. In short – I will be visiting everyone soon. I have to go to bed in an hour and I really wanted to blog – and I have to type up a resume too… ai yai yai – I never get the things done that I need to. Thank my new kitten 🙂 she’s irresistable!

I got her Sunday night. She’s a tonkinese kitty – which means that she’s half siamese and half burmese. She’s 9 months old and already full grown but very tiny (which is a trait of her breed). I named her Tickery~!
Here are some random pictures taken over the last few days. Right now she’s sleeping on Troy’s chest 🙂 awwww!

I’d love to blog more… and more and more! I have so many things on my mind. I need to sit down one day and have a nice heart to heart with my dear little website, but I can’t right now 😦 too many things to do… not enough time. I can’t wait to go back to school – when I no longer work in HELL.

Oooooh and I’ve decided – it’s official – paysite coming this fall! keep your eyes peeled 🙂

AND if there is a kind benefactor out there who wants to buy me a new, clearer digital camera, then please email me! – I’ll give you a free membership to my site for at least a year!


Billy Talent!

July 20, 2005

Here they are! My pictures from the Billy Talent show… complete with commentary by moi, jaja.

This is Benjamin Kowalewicz – my future husband

We’re in love – see?

For the rest of the images, click the thumbnail to see the full size.

This is what the sky looked like as we headed towards the concert… not good

The sky just kept looking worse and worse

And then it started to pour…

Which I wasn’t very happy about

But Troy didn’t seem to mind – what a trooper!

After being soaked by the rain while waiting in line, the sun started to shine! There were a lot of people waiting to get into the concert.

When we got into the park, we immediately headed to the 19+ drinking area

We all drank beer and were merry!

Troy likes beer.

The sky still looked scary, but it kept the sun from baking us, and it turned out to be quite a pleasant day for an outdoor concert

We decided to descend from the big huge hill and go into the crowd.

And then the show started!

And I had many orgasms.

Random crowd people that I thought were funny

I love this picture. FUCK YOU ASHLEE SIMPSON!

mmmmmmmmmmmmm *drool*

The aftermath… so much garbage!

Time to go home.

I love Billy Talent 🙂

So yeah… there it is! I wish that I had taken more pictures – but I was enjoying myself so much that I kind of forgot. Plus, it was raining on and off and I didn’t want to damage my camera.

If anyone ever has the chance to see them live – they’re AMAZING – one of the best bands I’ve seen live, ever – it actually sounds almost better than the cd!

Next concert – Social Code! I’m going with my girrrrls next weekend – I can’t wait!

I really want to make a new layout – I’m getting so sick of this one – but I barely even have time to check my email anymore. I’ve got to make layouts for 2 other people as well… and I feel awful that I haven’t done it yet – JEEPERS CREEPERS! I just need one day to do everything I need to do on the computer! I still need to get my ‘site’ section up – but I have no damn bloody time! And it makes it that much harder that my computer has no internet connection… all my design programs are on the computer, so I have to make images, then put them on my thumb drive and transfer them upstairs to my mom’s computer. Can anyone say “FUCKING PAIN IN THE ASS?”. I can’t wait to move back to school… things are so much simpler.

But yeah – time to get ready for work… I’ll be there until 11:00pm again tonight… and the next night, and the next night. Kill me now.


July 19, 2005


Billy Talent was fucking AMAZING!

Ms. Jaqueline, if you’re reading this – I DEF. want to go with you too see social code! I’ll email you tonight.

I g2g though right now – to work 😡 – I’ll be there until 11:00 tonight… perhaps I’ll blog – for real – when I get home – AND post pics from the concert! 🙂

I totally want to fuck the lead singer.



July 15, 2005

-I’m going to see Billy Talent play tommorow.
-I just ate some chips and now I feel fat… and nauseous.
-sometimes when I eat I feel like a failure – still.
-whenever I read too much celebrity gossip I start to feel very sad and jealous because I feel like a worthless nobody.
-I didn’t take my medicine last night and I’ve had to restrain myself from crying all day long.
-I burned myself really bad at work today, and then I cried.
-I’m still to lazy to resize and post the beach pics – maybe I never will – maybe I’ll never post another picture again… (cry me a fucking river, pervs).
-I’m in an awful mood and I just want to go to sleep.
-It’s easier to make lists than to construct paragraphs.

This is my new favourite website – it’s what inspired the All American Rejects’ new video “dirty little secrets” that I also love.

*edit*Okay, here’s one picture that I thought turned out cool – I love the lighting at dusk.


I. HATE. MY. JOB. But I’m going to take the advice…

July 12, 2005

I. HATE. MY. JOB. But I’m going to take the advice of Michelle and just picture a giant dollar sign while I’m working

mmmm, how I love money 🙂 Too bad I have to spend it on school – ugh. ANYHOOOOO – I’m tired as usual! Just got home from a long day at the factory and I have to register for my classes online at 7:00pm tonight. I can’t wait to go back to school – It means that I won’t have to work anymore!

But enough about that boring crap – I found a place to live next year! A niiiiice place – it has a pool, and a big deck, and a HUGE bedroom. It’s a house, sort of near the university (although I can’t specify where, obviously), and I’ll be living with 4 guys, hahaha. They aren’t strangers though – One of them is actually my boyfriend, Troy! We’ve rented out the basement and the other 3 guys live upstairs. We have a kitchen, living room, bedroom, laundry room, and bathroom – which is alll I need. I’m very happy about it – and so is Troy – particularly because it’s RIGHT close to a beer store, lol. I plan on getting a job downtown at one of the bars – Tips baby, TIPS! hehe.

Troy and I went to the beach on Sunday and it was fabulous – I even have a bit of a tan… I took tons of pictures of myself on the way home in the car – being vain as I am – which I will post later – too lazy right now.

Just to remind myself, subject for the next blog: my thoughts on dieting, hair styles, and beach pics.

I have a question of the day for you all that’s really been weighing on my mind a lot lately: Should I make a paysite/members section?

Help end poverty, mmmmk??? This is going to be a…

July 9, 2005

Help end poverty, mmmmk???

This is going to be a super quick post, and I WILL be returning comments soon – I just need like, a day to relax after my hellish week at work. It’s seriously killing me slowly… I’m so glad that I’m only going to be working until the end of the summer. I’m just not cut out for manual labour – at all. My hands are chapped and blistered from the gloves I have to wear, I’ve got burns on my arms from the hot metal parts I work with, I’ve showered three times since I got home from work last night and I STILL can’t get all the grease off of me, and my feet are killing me as well – plus, I’ve been having really bad sleep disturbances and my asthma is acting up – I think from all the fumes I’m inlaling. Ohhhh the joys of working your way through University. Does anyone else want tuition prices to go down? hahaha.

Sorry to bitch so much – wait… no I’m not – this is my blog right? I pay for it, I should be able to say whatever I want. BOOYAH!

Just to give you all something to comment on… – my question du jour: Would you pose naked in playboy for $50,000? (and no, perverts, I haven’t had an offer, lol – I WISH! this is a purely theoretical question)

Ohhhh Caaanadaaaaaahhh!

July 5, 2005

I totally forgot to mention Canada’s birthday in my last blog. I can’t believe I didn’t mention that it was Canada day! SOOOOO here it is – 4 days later – HAPPY (belated) 138th birthday Canada!!!

everyone stare at the flag and sway back and forth

Ohhhhh Caaanadaah! Our home and native laaaaand!
Truuuuue paaaaatriot loooooove, in all thy sons commaaaaaaand.
With gloooooowing hearts we seeeeeeee thee rise,
The True North strong and freeeeeeee!
From faaaaar and wide, O Caaaaaanada,
We stand on guard for theeeeeeee!
Gooooood keeeeeep our laaaaaaand gloriouuuuus and freeeeeee!
Oooooh Caaaaanada, we stand on guaaaaaaard for theeeeee,
O CAAAAANAAAda, we stand on guaaaaaard foOOOOOr THEEEEE!!!!!

(drum roll performed by me and Kate) – da da da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

There. A grand tribute to Canada. I LOVE MY COUNTRY!

It really sucks ass when you dream about freaking work all night, after you’ve been working all day. I hate it!

Anyways… my computer still doesn’t have the internet = so I’m on my mom’s… maybe I’ll update the fricking cam pic tonight if I have time.

I’m back!

July 1, 2005

I’m backkkkk! Stupid Bandwidth theives, taking away my site 😦 hopefully this won’t happen again, as I will soon be transferring to a new server – Lougan has agreed to host me! So go show his pretty ass some love, mmmk?

I quit my job~! that’s right, I no longer work at the berry farm. No more strawberries 🙂 I couldn’t be happier… except that I now work at a metal fabricating factory in sweatshop conditions. I don’t mind though, since they pay me better than any job has ever paid me in my life – money makes the world go ’round, right? besides, it’s only for two months… I think I’ll sruvive.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my wireless router lately… I can’t even use the internet on my computer anymore – I’m currently on my brother’s computer – and I had to download an FTP program, and transfer all of my images with my thumb drive. It’s a bloody pain in the ass, but whatever.

A quick note to all of you lurkers out there who add me to your msn list and then try to get me to go on cam for you – it’s not going to happen. ever. EVER. EVVVERRR. So stop trying okay? You just get yourself blocked. The reason I list my msn address is so that people can contact me and talk to me and ask me things, or give me suggestions about my site. It really annoys me that 99% of the people who add me are perverted men looking to have e-sex with me. It also perturbs me when someone pops up and asks “who is this?” – like I added you. You know very well who the fuck I am since you added me – I’m not fooled for one second, fucktard. I haven’t added a single person to my contact list in years – and even before that… close friends only. ONE more thing – PLEASE stop with the “ASL?” – I’m going to say “44/m/hawaii” and then I’m gouing to block you. If you want to know my ‘ASL’ then read my profile – THEN maybe you’ll know not to hit on me since I clearly state that I am TAKEN and NOT LOOKING FOR ROMANCE.

Sorry about that little rant… it had to be said.

NOW – here are some pics of Troy and Maggie and I from when we went to the beach the other day.

Troy is HOT, Maggie is ADORABLE, and The dead butterfly is sad 😦

That’s all for now I guess… sorry if I haven’t been returning comments. I’m busy as fuck with my new job.