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I’m at HOME! Finally! Away from that crappy little…

April 30, 2005

I’m at HOME! Finally! Away from that crappy little dorm room and back into my house!
I’m so happy… hehe. It took me a couple days to get the wireless connection to work – I lost the password… and that was a big problem. My brother fixed it though, hahaha – I’m lucky that I have a genius in the house.

My keyboard is already covered in cat hair… Dimey just loves computers. She didn’t know what the webcam was haha – she kept sniffing it… maybe the fact that it kind of looks like an eye intrigued her. But yeah – she just kept walking accross the keyboard, and I kept picking her up and moving her. I got up for a minute and when I came back she was laying on it, hahaha. It’s funny… but annoying. I am so happy to be home with my precious little bebe!

THANKYOU to all the commenters! I will try my best to comment back as soon as possible. I always try to return every single comment, but sometimes I suck and I just forget or am too lazy – rest assured though, that if you comment, I DO visit your site and read it.

A BIG THANKYOU to these supremely hot lovelies!:

I love fansigns! Once I get my shit together I am going to upload them to the fansign section of my gallery 🙂 Thankyou both so much! 🙂 I LOVE YOU!

New Layout by the end of the week – I’m so sick of this one. I want something fresh. Something… unique.


I got a new cell phone! but more on that in my next blog… I need to run over to Troy’s house right now and return his mom’s cellphone, which I took by accident since it looks almost exactly like mine! Ai yai yai! I haven’t even checked my email yet! I’ve been away from the computer for 3 days… and the 179 new email messages is rather intimidating… since I know it’s mostly ALL spam… yum.

Au Revoir! And ROXY – I will have the interview done for tommorow – soooo sorry about the delay!



April 26, 2005

Everybody say Sha NAY NAY!!! hahaha. I’ve been really looking into the ear candling thing… for the past hour I’ve been looking at different articles and websites. Some people think it’s a scam… and some people think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread (actually, that’s not accurate – ear candling was used in ancient Egypt, China and Maya – and sliced bread is relatively new compared to that). A couple of interesting articles on the subject, for those of you who are bored or interested:

What is ear candling?


NOW – the first person to correctly identify the name of the television show that these characters are from will win a fansign from me 🙂 *hint* – the show is no longer running, and hasn’t been for a long time.

I’ve been looking into a lot of natural health remedies lately – I think that I have too many toxins in my body – and I need to ‘detoxify’ – I just need to find the right program for me to do so.

I did a promo for Lougan‘s new radio station K-IRB ‘Ninja Pirate Radio’. Wanna hear my little blurb? Just don’t make fun of my voice… I sound like I’m 13… and what of it, beeeyyyotch? Ohhhhh yeah!.
Guess what? I’m going to have my own radio show soon – featuring all of my favourite music, my crazy stories, soundboards… and some special guest hosts 😉
It’s going to be Sunday Nights… and I need to come with a name for it. Any suggestions? I was thinking ‘Sunday Night Temper Tantrum’ hahaha…

I need to go study – almost everyone I know is done their exams by now, and some have been for a while! My last exam is scheduled on the very last possible exam day… and that pisses me off because the same thing happened last semester. Grrr…
Just 2 more days… and I’m done. I can’t wait.


April 24, 2005

*edit* – GO CHECK OUT MY NEW SECTION – LIVE CAM . Right now it’s just a free beta version… eventually it will be pay only – but until I’m ready to do the rest of the work on a paysite – it’s free! enjoy! I’ll be on it a lot.

uGH…I think that the pudding I’m eating might be bad. It’s one of those jello pudding cups – and it’s from like, September – does pudding hold that long? I don’t think I’m going to eat anymore – it tastes funny.

I ended up NOT moving out yesterday because of THIS:

You may not be able to tell, but it’s snowing pretty hard – my camera just doesn’t capture it well. So yeah – it’s been snowing/freezing raining for the last 2 days now almost non-stop. I’m so pissed off. My parents didn’t want me to get my stuff soaked in the back of my dad’s truck – so they decided to come another day – and the next day they’re available is thursday… so I’m stuck here until then. I don’t really mind… it gives me a chance to study for my final exam I guess! The shitty thing is that I already had most of my stuff packed… so now I’m living out of boxes! haha, oh well.

I went to the mall the other day with Jackie and bought way to much stuff as usual… stupid Icing by Claire’s – it just sucks you in… sparkly, pretty things! BUY BUY BUY! American Eagle too… I love their clothes – they’re just so CUTE!
Anyways – I had to buy some new batteries for my digicam – and then I was like “HEY! Why don’t I take some pictures at the MALL?” And so I did…


Sometimes I do this weird face, and pose haha – I call it “Gremlin” – Some of you who know me in real life may have witnessed it quite a few times before… especially when I’m hyper. I got some funny looks from passers by!

Mall Sushi!

Jackie got crazy on the pony ride –

And I got crazy with Mr. Potato head… I think we’d be considered husband and wife now in some cultures.

And I thought that this ride was a trip too:

So yeah – I’m a huge geek and you love it.

NEW EPISODE OF TRAILER PARK BOYS on tonight! Woot Woot! 🙂 What other show has the power to make me want to move to Nova Scotia and live in a trailer park?

Before I go – CONRATULATIONS to Jen for being the first one to correctly identify MY PET MONSTER as the cartoon in my last entry! VISIT HER RIGHT NOW!

I’m off to study…


April 22, 2005

Okay – I want a new layout… soon. Butttt until I’m done with exams it might be a while. I need… inspiration? I was working on this:

featuring model Elyse Taylor… very summer-ish… but very much like what I ALWAYS do – just too… boring? familiar? I want to do something completely different with this site – something unique – a la seriyagirl. I mean come on – she’s even got a food cam! how fucking awesome is that? I want my site to be entertaining… more so than just a blog and a cam. Unique. I’m working on it… I’m going to do some cool stuff over the summer I hope.

Speaking of food, if I had this right now I’d be in heaven:

Yup. Sushi heaven. I’m so hungry! I ate mall sushi yesterday to help curb my craving… but it’s just not the same as going to a good sushi restaurant… not the same at all. I made the mistake of ordering a side of miso soup – and it was nasty too. Not that much miso… but TONS of tofu, and these weird mushroom things (at least, I hope they were mushrooms) that I’ve never seen before. I’m done with mall sushi – it’s just not good!

OKAY – I want to start some contests… just little things within my blog.
The first person who can tell me what tv show this screen capture is from wins something… um – bragging rights? A big HUGE plug in my next blog, har har.

Just a hint – it’s not currently on the air anymore… but it was awesome and I loved it.

WELLLLL – I love everyone who comments here – I love them love them love them – I LOVE YOU ALL! It really brightens my day to see comments.

Check out Jen‘s new domain!

THIS IS A BROADCAST MESSAGE TO Timmie!!! I can’t get to your domain! It’s saying I do not have permission and blah blah – same with Renee! ACK! I don’t know if there is a stupid spammer residing around this area… and it’s getting me blocked too? or maybe there is something wrong with my computer… I’ve still got a nasty virus kicking – it causes internet explorer to just close on it’s own every 10 odd minutes- VERY annoying – but I’ll get my brother to fix it this weekend.

I move out of my dorm tommorow and back home… so yeah – that should be interesting. And frustrating – since I hate to move.

That’s all for today! 🙂


April 18, 2005

I feel like Spring is finally here! Almost summer, actually…
I had my first exam this morning and it went really well I think – I spanked it! hahaha. I’m not so positive about my next exam on Wednesday… but I think I should do all right… I just need to actually study for this one – which isn’t easy for me to do.
Speaking of studying, all day yesterday Troy and I chilled out in his backyard and studied studied studied! It was such a beautiful day – and birds kept coming into his backyard… tons of birds – Robins, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Sparrows, Seagulls (we live really close to the water, so they’re always around – I think they’re cute) – there was even a cute little woodpecker – it was crazy – we kept watching him slam his little nose into a tree… it looks so painflul – but he was beautiful nonetheless. I went home to get my camera, and I almost got some pictures of him, but when I would get close enough he would move, and finally he got pissed off and flew away. Same with the Robins.
This morning we did the same thing and a cute little bright yellow finch sat up in the tree for about an hour. I wish I had had my camera then… it would have been a great picture.
But yeah – Anyways – yesterday I took some pics in Troy’s backyard – just because I was bored and didn’t want to study… and I like to pretend I’m a model, hahaha:

Yeah… that was fun. Chalk that up to my terminal vanity. I don’t care anymore… really what people think – about me taking pictures of myself. Other girls with websites understand – it’s just the people who I know in real life… or just random losers who have no idea what this site is about. But yeah – so what if I am vain? It’s only towards myself… I don’t necessarily judge others on their looks. I’m not hot or anything – those are the images that turned out WELL – hehe, I looked mentally retarded in the other 50 odd photos. This is a hobby – and I don’t care if anyone looks down upon it, because when it really comes down to it – this is such a small part of my personality – And chances are I’m much much much smarter than any of the haters ever will be… and being blessed with a high intelligence quotia will get me far in life – farther than being pretty, or taking pictures ever will.

Haha, sorry about that little rant. I think it was fuelled by growing frustration over the people giving me trouble with this site (offline). Ugh.

I’m in love:

And I think that you are too now! And if you’re not in love with this little kitten – then I CONDEMN YOU TO BURN IN HELL. Hahaha – I do, I really do condemn you to burn in hell. Watch out.

That’s enough for now – I’m in a sour mood and I don’t want to sound even more melodramatic than I already do.

I realized that I say “hehehe” and “lol” wayyyyyyy too fecking much.


Petting Zoo!

April 16, 2005

Hey all!

Last weekend Troy and I went with my mom and dad to Colasantis, which is the COOLEST place ever – I highly reccomend visitng if you’re ever in the Southwestern Ontario area. It’s basically a series of huge indoor greenhouses and shops and rides and a zoo… and an awesome restaurant – it’s awesome. There are tropical plants everywhere – and animals – lots of cool stuff. I love it. Anyways, while my parents were buying lots of things for their garden, Troy and I hit up the PETTING ZOO!!! Which is the best place ever… since I’m obsessed with goats 🙂 hehe – esp. baby goats!:

And I think you can see why – They’re ADORABLE.

So… Here are a whole lot of pics from the petting zoo – enjoy! 🙂

Awww! Baby goats are sleepy!


More Goats…

Troy actually let me take his picture 🙂

Again… I realllly love goats.


Goats again…



This Llama was crazy – He would follow around the people who had food and totally ignore you as soon as he ate it, hahaha. Snotty Llama.

Troy likes Llamas… how could he not? They’re adorable!


Prarie dogs 🙂 awww


More goat…

I don’t really know what this guy was… either a really big, weird sheep – or a miniature llama or something – but he really liked to get his picture taken, lol.

One of the zookeepers brought out this baby lemur – he was on a leash, and was jumping on people and stuff, haha – it was so funny. Those are his parents watching him in the window – I was really pissed off that they didnt let the little lemur in to see his parents -I’m sure they really miss him – he’s just a baby!


That’s it… I have a LOT more on my computer… but I can only devote so much webspace to farm animals.

In other news… Troy and Adam had a few people over last night, and that was fun – Haha, Quite a bonfire was going – and I feel I must give credit to Mark, because he’s really good at making fires! Fire is so mesmerizing… it can put you in a trance if you just stare at it for while… but my face kept getting too hot from the fire so I went inside and watched CONAN! haha – and true to my nature as the sleepiest person alive, I went to bed at like 2:30am – even though everyone else was up way later- I even slept through the booming music… I swear I could sleep through ANYTHING. wtf is wrong with me? Why can’t I stay awake for more than 12 hours at a time? if that… jeez. Regardless – I had a fun night – and I took some pictures too… but I don’t know yet if they’ll end up online, lol.

I g2g take a shower, and then Troy and I are going to eat chinese food again for lunch – the University is right next to little china/vietnamese town and there are SO many awesome, authentic restaurants around – and they’re insanely cheap too – I’m getting sesame chicken today! 🙂 Yesterday I had Soo guy… mmm… it’s so bad for you – breaded, deep fried chicken covered in gravy, hahaha – but it’s delicious!
Yay for chinese food!


April 14, 2005

Hey Hey Hey!!! L-Sheeezy up in the Heeeezy Baaabyy! hahaha, sorry – I’m in a weird mood… as usual.

I want to BEGIN this blog by plugging my beautiful commenters from the last entry or two:
Gachuk(Timmie (who I simply adore!), Roxy, Abby, Nat, Jen, Erica, Milla, Erica (2) and Amber!

Yay for all of you, you hot sexy bitches! I think I’m going to get greymatter… yeah. I want like, automatic plugging.

ANYHOO – another person to plug is the WONDERFUL man who got me all of this!:

I was so shocked! THANKYOU SO MUCH! Please email me – – so I can send you a thankyou!!!

Anyways- I have to go eat some KD at troy’s house right now – mmm… I love kraft dinner. I’m hunnnngry!



April 12, 2005

*edit*: I just recieved this message: Are you on Someone is using your pics there. I have submitted a callout of that profile.
No, I do not have a profile there. What is the person’s nickname? please email me – – to let me know. I HATE stupid fakers. Thankyou for letting me know! /*edit*

Just blogging because I FINALLY finished my ‘Lauren’ section. So check it out. Everything is up, except for the videos… which it doesn’t seem like I’ll be getting up until exams are over probably. (I’m finished my last one on the 28th, but I’ve got from the 20th – 28th off… so maybe I’ll do it then).

I finally figured out how to make gif animations – I always thought it had something to do with code… but it’s in the image itself! I used a gif animator program – and made some weird little things, hehehe:

You can see another example of my gif animation skills in the ‘media’ section… and as soon as I get some time (most likely between the 20th and 28th sometime) I’m going to make some pretty animated buttons for nakedbarbies, and for Jen‘s site ( too! I’m really loving this whole gif thing… hahaha. I get excited too easily.

Thanks to all the commenters on the last entry – it really does suck about what my aunt did. I’m going to email her later on today… yeah. My mom wants me to smooth things over, and explain that this website ISN’T porn – or anything close to it.

I have webcamxp working again – not quite sure what I’m going to do with it yet… but it’s working! lol.

Anyways – I have my first exam tonight, and I severely need to study.


Cam Down?

April 8, 2005

Sorry about the lack of bloggage lately- and thanks to all my beautiful commenters! I was back at home this weekend. Ughh… some shit went down. *EDIT*
The new vid will be up sometime next week – and probably the revamped “Lauren” section as well! I’ve been working really hard on it – and it will be great.

Thanks to all my loyal visitors and friends – if it weren’t for you this site would be long gone by now – which would suck because I really love web design and coding and running the site and stuff – a lot. And posting pictures too. Yes, I’m hopelessly vain… I can’t help it. I’m addicted to the internet – and now that I’m with Xaxax there is soooo much more I can do! Like, a forum, a new blogging tool, galleries – the member’s section! eee! I’m excited, hehehe. I’ve got a lot of work to do this summer!

I really enjoyed my weekend back home in my big gorgeous house… before I got shipped back to my cell (dorm room) for a few more weeks. Yuck. YUCK. I’m getting so sick of this place!!! I can’t wait for summertime… 🙂

OH! And Guess what I’m buying next week????? Yeah, That’s Right. IN PINK! Now I’ll be stylin’!

I’ll blog again tommmorow – I’m so tired right now, and I need to get into bed and cuddle with Troy 🙂

Now, go visit my new link exchange, the lovely, sweet Cecilia!



April 5, 2005

I should really be writing an essay right now, but true to my procrastinating nature – I’m blogging instead! hehehe.

It is SO nice out today. Troy and I went for a rollerblade down by the boardwalk – on the waterfront… last night, and this morning again. It’s absolutely gorgeous – and there are so many other people doing the same thing – lots of people with dogs! which always excites me because doggies are so cutttte! 🙂 I saw a BABY weiner dog (I bet that you would have loved him!) today, pumping his little legs so fast, and the lady walking him was just slightly jogging – it was so cute. If maggie runs at full speed, she could pull my arm off – she’s such a strong dog! hehe – when we were home a couple of weekends ago she escaped from her leash and jumped into the creek near where I live and went for a little swim. She was so filthy, but it was funny. Labs love water, it’s true!
Aww… she’s so cute!

Anyways… I forgot to put on sunscreen this morning and now my face is a little bit pink… which pisses me off, because it means SKIN DAMAGE! argh. I love it when the rest of my body is tanned… but I prefer to use bronzer on my face – I don’t want wrinkles before my time, you know?

I made 2 videos last night… haha – one of them is really awesome, but troy doesn’t want me to post it, since it features him. If you want to see it then ask me and I’ll send it to you – – of course, that depends on who you are. I made another one that I will post on here in a couple of days… I look like SUCH a fool in it though. I might re-do it.

Thanks to everyone for your nice comments and advice – I really do appreciate it, and it lets me know that there are people who come here and like my site. I’m not going to block Ontario, and I’m keeping this domain. As many of you suggested, I’m just going to ignore the comments – and delete them as soon as I see them. That’s the easiest, most hassle free way for everybody!

Does anyone else watch ANTM? I know you do! It’s on tonight, and I’m very excited… even though I don’t find the girls this season as pretty… it’s still addictive. Hardcore. And so far, I’m pulling for Keenyah, Rebecca, and Naima… Brittney’s growing on me too – even though I HATED her at first. And Christina needs to go. She looks stunned.

Anyways – I’m off for now – going to do some work… YAR!!!