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Hey everybody! Thanks to everyone for the nice c…

November 30, 2004

Hey everybody!

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on my last blog, sticking up for me! 🙂

As you can see, I’ve put up a christmas layout! It’s not the best layout I’ve ever done… but it’ll do for a month or so. I’m sick of all these light coloured layouts I’ve been doing lately – next layout is going to be either super bold, or dark. more likely bold, since that’s more my style.

I have got a hectic few weeks coming up – so I apologize if I’m not online as much as I usually am. I’ve got to renew my hosting account with brinkster in a couple of days… and they won’t accept paypal! which annoys me… so I have to go through the hassle of using my mom’s, and then paying her back. blah. sorry to bitch about pointless nothings… hehehe.

Some people have asked me why I don’t answer the questions they submit in the question box – my answer is this: I don’t like to feel like answering questions about my bra size. I won’t suck your dick or fuck you. DON’T ask me questions that you wouldn’t ask me in real life. Would you really come up to me at school or a bar and say “What’s your bra size?” – you would get smacked by me and probably get the shit kicked out of you by my boyfriend. And for everyone who asks about where I live – you can figure it out if you read my blogs and look at my information – I don’t really want to announce it to the world. I’ll say Southwestern Ontario, Canada. I live 2 minutes walk from the U.S. border – maybe closer. I can see Detroit from my window… accross the river of course. It’s actually quite beautiful at night – the big skyscrapers are all lit up – you can even hear music coming from their clubs sometimes. The river is always really sparkley and pretty at night too. I like where I live a lot – except for the fact that it’s one of the most polluted places around. No wonder I’m always sick.

Anyways – I’m off to class!



Yo! Wow! The third installment of… What’s Piss…

November 29, 2004


Wow! The third installment of… What’s Pissing Lauren off!

hehe, this chick commented yesterday, just bitching about my last blog. I’m assuming that she’s one of those old chicks I was bitching about. She even emailed me too! something about me being a pretentious highschool blonde, being jealous of all the “pretty” cam girls. a) they aren’t cam girls. They’re fucking amateur porn models. b) I’m not in highschool… I’m in University. Hehe, I like how she called me immature… 🙂 I totally am – I’m not debating that – it’s just in the certain context that she used this insult…–>

WHAT THE FUCK!? My blog was HACKED! I’d better lay off the nasty bitches eh?


November 27, 2004


Sorry for that stupid blog last night. I was upset and tired and cranky. Troy came home, we got high, and everything was better, as it always is.

Bah – I am kind of annoyed that I’m at number 17 on the top site. I was at number 8 before…! Bah – it just pisses me off, and really perplexes me, that all these naked girls with porn sites who DON’T update their cam image – EVER – are in the top ten… do they cheat or something? Half of them don’t have vote codes up or pop ups… it’s really just very confusing. I am getting sick of scrolling past the same pictures of topless, old (albeit beautiful) whores just sitting there… waiting to get hits… to get down to the REAL cam girls. Not that some of the top 10 girls don’t deserve to be there, like Devon and Renee the Do-me-dry girl – but jesus christ – some of those other girls have had the same image since they joined – and they aren’t even cam girls! They’re just models for their own porn sites. Bah – I wish there was a portal for REAL cam girls. I like Cam girl idol. It’s actually real, young cam girls. And I’m always in the top 5 🙂 hehehe.

OH! I’m number one on the wanna-be portal! 🙂 please go vote for me so that I can make it onto the main page! 🙂 I’ll love you forever! It does feel nice to be number one though… hehehe.

Oh – I added some new links… go check out these two. Both are awesome sites.

That’s about it for now – I’ve got to keep working on my paper about the U.S. intervention in Panama in 1989… bah. 10 pages of boring babble about Bush and Noriega. Yum!




November 27, 2004

It’s 11:23 on a Friday night – I’m a 19 year old girl – I should be out partying. I should be out with my girlfriends. I wish I had girlfriends. I was watching ‘one tree hill’ and they were having a slumber party, and I thought “how nice that would be – they are so close, and they’re having so much fun!” If I had a slumber party… how many people would be there? In reality, not a lot. Less than I can count on my middle finger. Why aren’t I adjusting here? WHY THE FUCK AM I NOT MAKING FRIENDS???

My mommy always told me in highschool, when I didn’t have any friends at a couple points (like, right after I came back from the hospital and I literally had NO ONE, and I ate my lunch in the bathroom because if I went to the cafeteria I would have no one to eat with…) that I would make friends in University. I haven’t made any close friends yet. I’ve never had any trouble getting a boyfriend – what if I get married and have no one to be my bridesmaids? I’m a sad and pathetic little girl who misses her mommy and wants to go home and sleep forever. peace out all of you people in internet land… I won’t annoy you with these sappy little bloggings anymore. I’m creating a livejournal account specifically for this purpose. I’ll leave nakedbarbies as what it is… somewhere for strange men to come and perv over my pictures and tell me how how I am because I’ll never be able to come up with self esteem on my own. I’m sure this is helping.


nov 23

November 23, 2004

Ah! Please go vote for me at! The votes were reset and now I’m not in the top ten anymore! 😦 I would love to make it into the top 5 sometime… All you have to do is click on the link… and while you’re there, check out some of the other cam girls! There are tons of them – and they’re all smoking hot – I promise.

There’s a strike going on right now at my university, which is AWESOME for me because I have a whole bunch of cancelled classes! 🙂 The timing couldn’t be more perfect, because I’ve got a major project and a HUGE paper due at the end of this week. More time to work on schoolwork…lol.

Holy fuck – I got my bottom braces put on yesterday (I previously only had the top teeth tracked) – OWWWWW. They fucking hurt like a bitch! Troy’s a good man to listen to all my constant whining about my braces, hahaha. I get them off in April though! That is a very good thing…

Oh! I was reviewed by Rhiannon of pet shop girl reviews! I was so excited! 🙂 Go check out her site and my review – and while you’re there, get your own site reviewed! She’s really good! Plus, she’s super cool, and you’ll love her website just as much as I do.

In other news – you can see me this Sunday night at Jokers in Windsor. I’ll be in the Calendar girl contest, and I have to wear a bikini! I’m so nervous! I am a little bit self concious about my near naked body… I think every girl is. It will just be a little bit daunting to be in a teeny tiny bikini up in front of all those people… you know? I hope that I’m right after a big fat ugly chick so that I look better in comparison 🙂 hehehe, jk. But seriously, come and cheer me on if you like! I would love to win that contest! 🙂 Plus, Jokers is an awesome bar anyways, so just come on out and have a good time (while watching girls model bikinis…).

I got a whole bunch of pictures back from Halloween and various events. Some REALLY cute ones of me and Jackie, and me and Troy, and me and Lisa – However, some of the pictures didn’t turn out and I was really dissapointed! 😦 I took a whole bunch of Troy’s dog Maggie, and only one turned out – I guess the camera wasn’t set right… But yeah… being the dumbass that I am I can’t figure out my scanner… so I’ll have to wait until I get home to scan these. Sorry.

I’m getting a Siamese cat… nah nah nah nah nah! 🙂 I’m so excited, but I have to wait until next year – next september, when I get an apartment. Argh… it’s too long to wait! 😦

Well, that’s enough blogging eh?

Before I forget, the Questions…

How long did it take you to make your layout, and what program did you use?

It took me about an hour to make this layout, and I used Jasc Paint shop pro 9. I’m VERY new to this program, because I always used a mac to design before – but I really like it so far. If you have any trouble using it, feel free to ask me any questions, I’m always happy to help people with design and programming related issues. MSN= “”.

who are you?


There were a LOT of other questions, but I only answer questions that I feel are appropriate. Not “Show me your boobs” or “are you horny?”. Those just piss me off and they will always have the same answer – “hell no, you sick fuck.”

Anyways, Take care all, and leave me comments!

-Love, Lauren


November 19, 2004

Another installment of “What’s pissing Lauren off”!

Mmm… I really don’t like haters. And that’s the end of that!

Haha, I don’t even know what to blog about – This guy will surely copy and paste it onto a message board just to make fun of me.

The internet is kind of a dangerous place. There are a LOT of weird, obsessive people out there.

Anyways, I’M AT HOME!!! It feels great! I love sleeping in my own bed… it’s nice. And I get to see my animals! 🙂

So yeah – there isn’t too much to blog about really. I have been pretty sick lately… and angry as usual. I’d better stop blogging before I get onto another angry, pointless, rant.

Leave me nice comments to make me feel better – the internet gets me down lately, probably due to losers hating on everything I say. Is my blog really that annoying and pointless? Am I just an ugly two-bit whore? No. I know I’m not. I wish that these losers would materialize in real life so that I could arrange to have the shit beat out of them. 🙂 yes, that would be devine…

post-birthday blog!

November 16, 2004


I am looking for cam girls AND people who are fans of cam girl sites to interview for a mini documentary I am making for my film production class. This documentary will not be aired – it is a project for school. If anyone would be able to help me out I’d greatly appreciate it! I’m looking for the following – a young/new cam girl, and older more experienced cam girl and a voyeur of the cam girl world. I don’t know about the first two, but I know that tons of the latter visit this site, so please, if you’re able – let me interview you! 🙂 I’d much appreciate it! please email me if you are interested…

Thankyou to everyone who sent me e-cards and e-mails and comments for my birthday – it was much appreciated and so sweet! 🙂 My birthday was a bit anti-climactic… my party was kind of weak… but I still had a good time with my friends – and I had a KILLER time the night before – damn – I should have had my party Friday night! It was a lot more bumping then! Crazyyyyy times! 🙂 hehehe. I went out with Jackie and some of the girls in her class and it was so much fun – we had a great time at the bars and stuff- except for the fact that without our boyfriends around we have to fight the stupid Ginos off with a stick… ugh. Guys just PREY on little girls at the bar. But I guess when you dance in a cage in front of the whole bar… that’s what you ask for! hahaha. I’m fucked.

Anyways – as I’ve mentioned before, I have some anger issues… a lot lately. I think that instead of freaking out and wanting to kill people all the time, maybe I’ll just make comics about them and post them on my website? Sounds fun to me… hehehe. Since humiliation is always better than violence, here’s the first of a hopefully long and beautiful series…

INTRODUCING, for the first time…


So yeah. I really can’t tell you who that is, or what my relation to them is, but I am sure you can take a good guess. After all, if she/he happens to stumble upon my wonderful site and see that lovely drawing, I could get in trouble (but ONLY if I posted who she/he is… I think.) Anyways – Sorry for the short blog – I have so much homework to do…

Let me just some up the post birthday blog by saying that I love my parents – they get me so much awesome stuff all the time – I love them so much. And Red Lobster was Awesome. Mmm… a pound of crab legs. I was STUFFED! Can you believe my little brother ate a pound and a half??? Crazy shit. That kid can eat. Um, and yes – I love Troy and I love my friends. My 19th birthday was alright – but I know that this year is going to be sweeeeeet. Hahaha.


November 11, 2004

It’s here! it’s finally here!

Welcome to, finally open. New layout and everything… featuring Pamela Anderson again… from the same photo shoot. I didn’t have her up for very long last time, so you know. She’s just so god damn hot!

I need to add something below the cam image and obviously something else in that turquoise box there –> – I’m working on it… the layout isn’t completely finished yet. But I do have the navigation up – so that’s cool.

GUESS WHO’S BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEKEND? HMMM? That’s right, me. I’m not even going to plug my wishlist… I don’t think it works. Whatttever. If anyone is feeling nice on the 14th, feel free to e-mail me a birthday greeting! 🙂 I get to go to Red Lobster with my family! It’s like, my FAVOURITE restaurant, so it should be tres exciting! mmm… their biscuits are heavenly…

Speaking of my birthday, Troy gave me my present early and GUESS WHAT IT WAS? These goooorgeous boots from Transit that I realllly wanted and love – OMG – I love them to death. I love HIM to death. What an awesome guy… hehe… sorry to sound so mushy but I love him so much! 🙂

HAHA – this is awesome – I went into the America’s Next Top Model chat yesterday and pretended that I was Toccara… the girl who had just gotten kicked off! hehe – people actually believed I was her! It was good… it was funny. But SPEAKING of Toccara getting kicked off… FUCK THAT! I totally don’t think she should have – she had ONE bad week and she got the boot? What about fucking ANNE? Her photos are consistently FLAT. Fuck stupid ass plastic Janice Dickinson… that cunt. Tyra was being a bitch last night too. Fuck you Tyra Banks! Viva Toccara – she’s awesome.

Hehe, so yes- before I continue ranting, I need to go take a shower and eat something… you know – get ready for the day and stuff… ahhh Thursday. The last day of classes for me… 🙂



I’m wearing a sweater today! I finally broke down …

November 8, 2004

I’m wearing a sweater today! I finally broke down and busted out the winter clothes… 😦 I guess I can’t wear t-shirts forever… BAH!

My last blog was… a little bit “over reactinonary” – I was freaking out about losing my laundry card. I got a lot of feedback on that – Thankyou to everyone for your kind words and encouragement! I feel I must clear this up though – when I talk about how “I want to kill myself” in my blog – I am not serious. I am just a super drama queen who exaggerates things. I’m not suicidal – and if I was, you wouldn’t read about it here. But speaking of nice things, look at what the wonderful Ken sent me to brighten my day!

Isn’t it pretty? It’s me! 🙂 Thanks again to Ken!

In other news, is working – currently it’s just redirecting here, but once I’m finished the new layout (once I have TIME to do the layout) then will be open! Thanks Dave!!! 🙂

Bah I signed up for this newsletter for a tv show that I’m obsessed with… Re-Genesis – it’s on The Movie Network. It’s soooo good! But yeah, I get like, 5 emails a day from them. It’s kind of annoying.

Um… I’ve got to go see about getting my laundry card replaced so that I can have some pants to wear. Hahaha, I haven’t done laundry forever.



OHHHH and one more thing… my birthday is coming on November 14th… has some great e-cards! 🙂 hehehe. And of course, my wishlist…


November 7, 2004


I need some sort of tranquilizer… FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

ARJGHILGHKFHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE MY LIFE. I need to do laundry today because all my fucking clothes are dirty, but I CAN’T because I LOST my fucking LAUNDRY CARD! And that’s not even the problem- the laundry card is preloaded with about 100$… and I CAN’T GET THAT MONEY BACK. More money out the door for Lauren. I’m such a fucking IDIOT. I want to kill kmy stupid self just so that this RETARDED, POINTLESS, ANNOYING FUCKING EXISTENCE IS OVER!!!!!!!

I can’t stop losing money, getting scammed, FUCK. I hate this.

I AM GOING TO SMOKE A JOINT. Ohhhh look at Lauren the big fucking POT-HEAD! That’s right, I AM a pot-head. If I were rich enough I’d be doing a LOT fucking worse. Fuck me, Fuck you.