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October 30, 2004


The votes were reset on Realcamgirls, so please go vote for me! I’m at number 19 now! 😦


I’m listening to Snoop Dogg’s new song… it’s pretty good! ohhh and I’m getting a radio blog soon! so you can here all the new music I like.

Thanks to everyone who commented in the last entry! I was psyched to see I had 7 comments since I usually have ZERO.

Fuck – This week has been hectic as fuck. Midterms, papers – ugh. It’s finally over though, and Halloween is here, so I’m happy. I’m going as a schoolgirl! 🙂 hehehe – I’ll take lots of pictures tonight and post them here.

I still need people to vote for me at jokers… I’m in second place now! 😦 VOTE!

Ohhh and to the people who let me know they voted last time, I’ve got a nice fansign coming your way! 🙂

I think the girl in first place is cheating… hmm it really seems that way. Maybe I’ll kick her ass? hehehe. JK of course. I DO need to get into a good fight sometime though… I’ve been suppressing all my rage lately, and usually I had my brother to fight with… I hope no-one pisses me off, because I don’t want to get into any fights. It’s so ghetto. I just… rage out SO badly. I need to control it hahaha. I just about punched a wall in yesterday because I was so mad… argh. Last time I did that I fucked up my hand.

I think I’m going to start doing cam sets… do you think anyone would buy them?

Let me know! And does anyone know how I’d set up the selling? paypal?

And just a reminder that my birthday is coming up on November the 14th… 🙂

Fetish Factory, Amazon… just in case you want to spoil me! 🙂

And here are some good lyrics…

Why am I fighting to live if I’m just living to fight?

Why am I trying to see when there aint nothing in sight?

Why am I trying to give when no one gives me a try?

why am I dying to live if i’m just living to die?

I wonder if they’ll laugh when I am dead…

-Runnin – Tupac


Bah- I’m drunk. Hahaha. It’s midterm season. E…

October 28, 2004

Bah- I’m drunk.

Hahaha. It’s midterm season. Everyone needs to unwind sometimes right? hehehe.

Please remember to vote for me here… I’m in first place right now – I’m listed under “Lauren O’Neil” – not just Lauren. If you let me know you voted, in my comment section at the bottom of this blog, I’ll email you a thankyou picture! 🙂


Just a reminder to everybody… my BIRTHDAY is in about 2 weeks… November 14th. 🙂 Send me an e-card or a fansign, or something! If you want to…

I just read the best thing… it’s written by Devon at It perfectly represents WHY I am a camgirl. So for all you naysayers… and people who call me a whore for showing myself on cam, this is for you.

I like being a webcam girl cuz we are like a cult. You love us, hate us, get jealous of us, and wanna pounce us (for the most part). We intrigue you, devastate you, make your pants not fit right, drive you crAzY, and most of all, you simply can’t get enough of us. That is why I *love* showing myself to the world through a webcam.

BOOYA! go Devon!

I’m not a whore, I’m not attention crazed – I just like to be a webcam girl. It’s fun, it’s interesting, and it gives me something to do in my spare time. It’s also like a creative outlet for me (all the layout designing and stuff, anyways).

That’s about it for now. I’ve got more studying to do. As my webcam snap implies… these midterms will be the death of me. ARGH! Troy and I are finally watching Kill Bill tonight! I’ve been wanting to see it forever – I love Quentin Tarantino – and my production teacher was talking about how it’s got some amazing shots in it last night… I need to watch it! now!

Ta Ta!


Bah Bah Bah.

October 25, 2004

Hey all!

I’m going to SO need your help coming up…

Jokers, this bar in Windsor is doing this “calendar girl” contest – and it’s based on votes! I just uploaded my picture, but I need people to vote for me – the girl in first place already has 97 votes! My picture is now up, under LAUREN O’NEIL – there is a girl named “Lauren” ahead of me – look for Lauren O’Neil – that’s me! I would sooo appreciate it! 🙂VOTE HERE PLEASE!!!. I’m about the 5th girl down… 🙂

Jokers is also having the Barbie Doll Ball! 🙂 That should be so much fun! 🙂 I love being a barbie doll…

Speaking of Halloween… scroll down to my last entry if you haven’t seen it yet for my super scary photoshopped picture! hehe – My school’s newspaper is having a contest- should I send it in?

I did really well on my first midterm – I hope I can keep it up for the rest of them! University is a lot of work, but it’s really not that hard… not first year anyways! hehehe.

I’m going to put up some new cam pics tonight!

Okay – enough of the sporaddic, point form blogging… I’ll answer the Q’s now…

at only 18 how do you afford to live on your own?

I live in a University dorm – my parents pay for it.

:: bakbreaker420 : do you want a second bf?

No, I certainly do not.

anyone horny?

Um, no.

Where did you get the kewl marijuana poster on your opening page, thats awesome!

a) thanks for the non-sexual question! THIS is the kind of question I like to answer 🙂

b) yes, it is a cool poster, eh? I got it from here. There are tons just like it! It’s such an awesome web page! 🙂 enjoy!

mac daddy?

Who the fuck is writing these retarded little half questions?

Can I have your babies?

I’m a girl, so if you mean that you want to carry my child… then no.

Bah. That’s enough of that. Go look at my scary picture again! WA HA HA!


-Laure, the clinically insane fish robot.

Crazy pics!

October 24, 2004

SHORT blog- check out what I just did! hehehe, I made a creepy Halloween picture… let me know what you think! 🙂 The first one is the original…

Don’t forget to vote for me! 😛

Love and Kisses,


Quick post – I saw the grudge last night- it wa…

October 23, 2004

Quick post –

I saw the grudge last night- it was pretty good! hahaha – I think that people thought it was a LOT scarier than it actually was. Like, these kids behind us were saying that it was the scariest movie they’ve ever seen -? I still think the ring is better- better acting, scarier plot. But, the grudge was alright – a lot of scary parts- a lot of gore. I think being in film making is wrecking movies for me – I just kept thinking “I wonder how they got the actress to look like that?” hahaha. So, I didn’t find it that scary – but man, a lot of people did. Hey Jackie, “Ahhhh…croak…”

Haha – okay, and then to answer my questions that I got from my question box…


Um, ya.

For someone who said they wanted to be a camgirl without being a whore – you’ve really turned out to be a skank. Soon enough you’ll be naked like the other whores in the top 5 of those sites. This is from a friend. Get over yourself and realize that self-justification doesn’t come from horny old men jacking off to you onscreen.

All I’ve got to say to this is that YOU, my “friend”, should get over yourself and stop worrying about me, and what I do. I understand that “self-justification” (and by that I assume you mean some sort of self actualization? a sense of worth?) doesn’t come from horny old men jacking off to me onscreen – that is, if horny old men really DO jack off to pictures of me- which I highly doubt since there is quite a plethora of cam girls who DO show their ass and titties for them to jack off to. You should also understand that “self justification” doesn’t come from insulting other people, and acting like you’re better than them. Maybe I am a cam “whore”? If you were my friend you would know that I just don’t give a fuccccck, which leads me to believe that you probably aren’t my friend in real life. Maybe you’re one of the ugly bitches who thinks you’re my friend, while my REAL friends and I actually laugh at you behind your back? It doesn’t matter- all the does matter is that I’m getting free stuff and you’re not!

This goes for everyone – if you don’t like my website, and what I do – then don’t leave snide little comments – just leave me alone. Or, have the balls to leave your name right? Highschool is over.

To conclude this lovely entry, some rather fitting EMINEM lyrics!:

“So when you see me on your block with two glocks

Screamin “Fuck the World!” like Tupac

I just don’t give a fuuuuuck!!

Talkin that shit behind my back, dirty mackin

tellin your boys that I’m on crack

I just don’t give a fuuuuuck!!

So put my tape back on the rack

Go run and tell your friends my shit is wack

I just don’t give a fuuuuuck!!

But see me on the street and duck

Cause you gon’ get stuck, stoned, and snuffed

Cause I just don’t give a fuuuuuck!!”

And one of my favourite songs… KILL YOU!

“Bitch I’ma kill you! You don’t wanna fuck with me

Girls leave – you ain’t nuttin but a slut to me

Bitch I’ma kill you! You ain’t got the balls to beef

We ain’t gon’ never stop beefin I don’t squash the beef

You better kill me! I’ma be another rapper dead

for poppin off at the mouth with shit I shouldn’ta said

But when they kill me – I’m bringin the world with me

Bitches too! You ain’t nuttin but a girl to me

.. I said you don’t, wanna fuck with LAUREN (cause why?)

Cause LAUREN, will fuckin kill you (ah-haha)

I said you don’t, wanna fuck with LAUREN (why?)

Cause LAUREN, will fuckin kill you… (it’s true!)

-Love you all!


Damnnnn Gina!

October 22, 2004

Hey Hey…

Haha – DU RAG! this makes me laugh… I don’t know why…

My ask/say anything box is working now! So I figured that I’ll answer the questions that I got last night and yesterday…


Um, is that even a question? 18.

if your looking for a texas hookup email ***** 😀

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind in case I’m ever in Texas and single.

Do you Shave, trim or what to your pubes?

I wax it all off. I hate body hair.

Want to have sex with me?

No, but thanks anyways.

Okay! so as you can see, I kind of tweaked this layout a bit – the navigation pulldown bar wasn’t doing it for me, so I was going to make icons – but I couldn’t find the original font I used, since I made this layout on my computer at home… blah – so I just made a side bar —> the navigation is in there! Let me know what you think! My tagboard is still there, but I prefer you leave COMMENTS at the end of this entry since I don’t get very many ever! 😦 just lots of tags and creepy questions….

Oh – check out these cars – they’re killer!

Crazy eh?

I like the shoe one… hahaha

Well, my birthday is Nov. 14th – less than a month away!!! keep it in mind my loves! 🙂

email me if you want…

Take care!


Thank you all for voting for me at RCG! I’m in the top ten once again, so keep voting! because if I make it to the top 5… then I’ll be so happy! hehehe.

Halloween is coming up so fast, and I still need an ID and a costume! aiy! I’ll get it all though… things always work out it seems… except for when I got my ID taken away at the Casino! 😦


October 19, 2004

Hey guys!

I need a favour from all of you – please go vote for me at! they reset the votes, so now I’m back down the list again… and I was doing so well! I was in the top 10! argh! If I get to number 5 or better this time, then I WILL do a sexy cam show for all my fans, so please vote!

hehe, why am I so obsessed with these internet popularity contests? I have no idea…

Ugh. I’m an idiot. I just set off the alarm in my school’s cafeteria and EVERYONE was laughing at me. It didn’t help matters that I was alone… or looking like shit because it’s raining like crazy outside. Yay. Yay for the tragic misfortunate life of Lauren O’Neil. I guess it’s kind of my fault… I opened the door that said “do not open door, alarm will sound”. I though it was lying. Hahaha – I always have to prove myself wrong – every time. I NEEDED to find out if that alarm would really go… and it did. Well, at least now I know.

Halloween is coming up! I don’t know what to be yet, any suggestions? leave them in the comment section – for some reason my “ask anything/say anything” box isn’t working… I think I’ll fix it tonight after class. Anyways, for those of you who don’t know what to be yet, like me, check out Fetish Factory – they have SO many awesome costumes. I put a bunch of my personal favourites on my wishlist – check them out – they’re awesome!

Um, I hate to do this, but speaking of wishlists

… my birthday is November 14th… 🙂 hehehe… And as someone mentioned – yes, a lot of things on my wishlist are expensive, but those are more fantasy items, you know? I don’t expect anyone to buy me the 300$ boots – if you do I’ll beat you up for being so crazy! But look around people, I’ve got a $3 keychain listed! and some $9 panties! some really cute panties! hehe, and you know that if you buy me them, I’ll wear them – for you!

Fuck – there is so much stuff I need to do with this site, but I am so busy with school! Tommorow I have half the day off, so look for some revamping and stuff… I need to update my cam pic too! I’m not hung over anymore! hahaha… well, kind of.

I think I’m going insane… University is a lot of work. BAH – speaking of work… I’ve got to go to class in 15 minutes! yay…

muchos amore!


buy me stuff!

October 12, 2004

Did you know that my birthday is November 14th? That’s almost a month away!

My Wish Lists…

Fetish Factory


I had such a big, long, good weekend. Hehe, we went to the conservation area yesterday – it was SO beautiful in the fall – the trees were all red and orange… and it was so peaceful and nice out there by the water. There’s this path that you walk along, and on the path there’s a bridge that goes over this little river thing, and so we stopped for a minute there, looking at the nice water and what not, my brother threw a few of the frogs he caught into the water… and Maggie (Troy’s dog, a black lab) all of the sudden JUMPED off of the bridge, right into the water! haha – it was hilarious! She loves water… I guess she just wanted to go swimming! we had to go to the side of the marsh and get her out… hahaha. She went swimming about ten times when we were there – she absolutely loves it! it was awesome. She is so cute…. and now I miss her! 😦 precious baby Maggie.

I ate a LOT of food this weekend… haha – I probably gained like 5 pounds. Hahaha, oh well, I’ll lose it just as fast walking around this campus… I have to walk SO much everyday. Anyone want to buy me a car? didn’t think so. Hehehe…

I uploaded a bunch of new pictures, so go check out the gallery! Speaking of my gallery, the members are growing like crazy. I have 119 new members within the last 7 days! I guess these portals are really working to bring traffic to my site!

Bah – I don’t feel like being on the computer anymore right now. I am so exhausted from the weekend… and my mouth hurts because I had my braces tightened this morning 😦 ow…

Next day off I have, that I don’t have to study like crazy, I am making fansigns. For my friends, for the portals, for the girls with websites I like – so look out! they’ll be coming soon!!!

Love to all my homies, hehe.



October 7, 2004

I’m going home for thanksgiving! woohoo! I suppose for the Americans reading this I should explain that Canada’s thanksgiving is a bit earlier than yours… like a month or so! I’ve alwways likes thanksgiving because it means that the greatest holiday of all is coming up… HALLOWEEN! haha… I love it!

The party at Woody’s last night went great! I got smashed for free, and so did my friends! I suggest to any of you reading this to go to Woody’s on a wednesday night because even if you aren’t drinking for free… it’s ONE DOLLAR drinks! that’s cheap as fuck! mixed drinks that is… and 2$ beers. I had rum and diets all night, as I usually do… except for the breif instant that Jackie and I decided to get “girly” drinks and got vodka and cranberry… hahaha which isn’t even that girly. Oh well.

I’ve got my live cam set up now! It resfreshed every 10 seconds, but you need to push the refresh button your self… does anyone know how I can get the browser to automatically refresh every 10 seconds? or an image? bah. here’s a preview – I won’t be online all weekend though… livecam.

I’m so happy to go home and see my kitty… and sleep a lot – and study a lot. Midterms are coming up. EWWWWWW.

Umm… vote for me. Click my Camera image and then vote, vote, vote! hahaha.

Take care everyone, and for all you Canadians.. happy thanksgiving!



October 5, 2004


So, here’s a new layout! :p! tell me what you think! This is a little bit old… I made it in August and had originally planned to put it up for back to school – but I just couldn’t part with my last layout – I loved it so much!!!

I totally lost my wishlist… I made a wishlist at this cool website with lots of halloween costumes and cute things… and I totally forget what the site was callled. I’m going to start a new one at Amazon… it seems to be the most popular place. Bah – I don’t actually expect to get anything from it though, since I don’t show my tits on this website! hahaha.

I’ve been doing a lot fo research into Marijuana lately for my composition paper – I came accross this cool little name generator in the process… hehe – my stoner name is Thunderous Bluntmonger – hahaha. What’s yours? Leave me a comment!

Hmm… what else… Oh! I went home for the weekend and that was great! I got to see my precious baby kitten dimey! 🙂 I love her so much!

I love her so much… AND I got to see little Maggie and Shadow too! (Troy’s dog and cat). Oh… I had a great weekend with my little animals… hehe – I’m kindof crazy I think.

Tommorow is my PARTY!!! come join me if you like! Woody’s in Windsor…

But, enough procrastinating. I’m getting my domain this weekend! AND I’m getting a live cam set up… so yeah. Cool new things happening around here…

OH – and see my how my navigation pull down menu is in a weird spot? it’s because I can’t move it! argh! hehe – so pleeeaze if anyone knows how I can move a java script then let me know! or look at my source code and tell me!

Thanks a million! Fansign coming soon too, for some special girlies! 🙂